Olympic Athlete

We had a visit from Olympic Athlete Ezekiel Ewulo. 

Ezekiel achieved his first medal in 2005 as the Bronze medallist for the England Indoor Championships, and his second shortly afterwards in that same year – a Gold this time! – as the England International Junior Debut. Rolling for a hat trick, he finished off his winning streak with another International title, the Under 20’s Home Nations International Winner. He then took a short break before starting another intense training schedule for Senior Competitions in 2007. The following Summer, his training paid off with yet another Gold International Debut Medal, this time in Austria, and a Silver for the England Under 23 Indoor Competitions. 2009 brought further medals and titles for me in National competitions, and he began to steadily climb the British Rankings. This led him to his title in 2011 as the UK Indoor Senior Champion, and his GB debut in September 2011, where he was placed third in competitions against USA.

Ezekiel then decided to go back to my roots and began training to represent Nigeria at the All African finals.

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