The Creation Station

The Creation Station runs on Monday's from 3.10pm until 4.10pm.

If your child loves to paint, draw, explore, design, collage and sculpt then this is the perfect club! With our Summer theme of “Inspired by Me”, your child will have the opportunity to have ago at designing a selfie, what can we transform our names into?, making a sculpture and lots more about their individual traits and what makes me ME? This is a brilliant theme for building self-confidence and encouraging children to appreciate how we all are different and that’s special!

Educational and Developmental Benefits of Create Club
Within the structure of Create Club sessions, there are many key skills that are being addressed and utilised that fully support the aims and outcomes of the current Art and Design Programme of Study in the English National Curriculum. These areas include:
1. Producing creative work and exploring their ideas, experiences and imagination
2. Using drawing, painting, sculpture and other creative expressions
3. Using a range of materials to design and make products
4. Developing techniques with colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space using clay and printing to a large scale and in 3D

Social and Personal Benefits of Create Club
It has also been shown that development of characteristics and abilities such as interaction, imagination, collaboration, open-mindedness and problem solving can lead to:
• A sense of purpose
• Self confidence
• Personal achievement
• Development of personal strengths, interests and talents
• Setting personal aspirations
• Self-respect
• A sense of belonging

To book for the club, please click on the link below.

Please feel free to contact if you have any queries.

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