Welcome from the Chair

On behalf of all of the governors, welcome to Sandringham Infant and Nursery Academy.

Sandringham is a small, friendly and very family-oriented academy school within the Frimley community. Within our day-day operations, we very much pride ourselves on providing a cosy, intimate and homely environment that really opens up opportunities for our children to learn; not only focusing on developing our pupils core academic abilities and love of learning, but their whole-life wellbeing. All our staff know all of our children and their families, and it is this deep knowledge and understanding of their individual needs that allows Sandringham to really help each and every one of our little people develop and progress to the best of their abilities within our classroom teaching, intervention tutorials and nurture groups.

At Sandringham, we pride ourselves on being a Specialist in Early Years provision. We are very fortunate to be able to offer the services of our own in-house nursery provision. This means we are uniquely positioned within our local community to be able to offer a comprehensive, teacher led curriculum for our children ages 2-5, which we believe presents the best possible start for our children on their learning journey. The continuous improvement and integration of our nursery into the school remains a key focus area for our governing body.

Sandringham is also very proud to be a member of the KITE Academy Trust family. The KITE is a collection of local academies that share a common vision and values, and allows us to access shared resources, skills and expertise – whilst retaining all of the benefits, identity and individuality of our small school – that would otherwise be beyond the reach of a small infant school.

As a governing body at Sandringham we are fully committed to delivering the strategic leadership and critique required to support Mrs Money in delivering and maintaining the aforementioned ethos and culture. This oversight and direction is primarily focused in 2 key areas:
• KITE wide management of financial impact and return, risk mitigation and estates management.
• Local monitoring of pupil progress and attainment across the curriculum, school improvement, safeguarding and impact of special educational provisions.

We rely heavily on the input, engagement and feedback of our pupils, child governors, and families to ensure that we are being effective and remain focused on the things that are important to you. If you have any questions or concerns, we would be really happy to discuss this further with you. You can contact Mrs Money via the school office or myself at chair@sandringham.kite.academy



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