Governor Profiles

Karen Findlay - Trust Member
Karen joined the Academy council in June 2020. She lives locally and has 3 children who all had a fantastic start to their education at Sandringham.
Karen is a management consultant within the consumer goods industry and has been involved in school governance for 15 years (many of those years at Sandringham when her children were younger).
She is also a Trustee of the Kite Academy Trust.


Katherine Money – Head Teacher

Katherine has served on the Governing body at Sandringham since she was appointed as Head Teacher in 2017.

Alison Thomas – Co-Opted Governor
Alison has been with Sandringham since 1999 and is currently the Otters Class Teacher in Year One. She lives locally and has two children who were educated at Sandringham. Alison has been a Governor since 2008 and is on both the Achievement and Community Portfolio Teams. During Alison’s time at Sandringham she has been involved with the building of the two lodges, the library, the acquisition of Little Badgers Nursery and the conversion to an Academy.

Gina Hylton - Deputy Head
Gina has been on the Senior Management Team since joining Sandringham in 2005. Gina was appointed Deputy Head in 2012 and currently teachers in Year Two. Gina is on the Achievement Portfolio Team.

Chris Taylor - Co-Opted Governor
Chris has also recently joined the Academy Council, lives locally and has two children. The eldest is at Sandringham and the other at Little Badgers Nursery. He is on the Curriculum Portfolio team.

Balraj Ryves - Co-Opted Governor
Balraj joined as a governor in Summer 2019 and sits on the Safeguarding Portfolio Team. She lives locally, has two daughters, one of whom completed her education with Sandringham in July 2020 and the other started reception in September 2020. She has worked in the Energy business for ten years.

Keith Parsons - Co-Opted Governor
Keith joined the Academy Council in March 2020. He lives locally with his wife and two children, the eldest of whom completed his education with Sandringham in July 2020. Keith has over 17 years experience working in Change Delivery for a major Energy Supplier and is responsible for the Achievement Portfolio.

Shane Barclay - Co-Opted Governor



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