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Sandringham School is a popular infant school in the middle of the Paddock Hill housing estate.  We currently have 180 children aged 4-7 on roll.  

The school buildings are well maintained and provide excellent accommodation for the children. Reception children have their own area which has two well-resourced classrooms, a large craft area, and a "burrow" which has computers and a quieter area for group work.  They have a large outside area which they share with the Nursery children and has resources for developing all areas of the EYFS curriculum.
Our "Little Badgers" Nursery occupies the classroom next door to the Reception classrooms and opens out onto this shared outside area.
Year 1 also has their own area which has two well-resourced classrooms, a large craft area, an ICT suite and an outside area. 

Year 2 have two connected classrooms with their own outside area. They have laptops to develop their computer skills.  All year groups have also got a trolley which houses tablets for the children to use in their own year groups.
There is a large multi-purpose hall and adjacent to this is our library with books, a resource area and two small group work rooms. 
The school is set in attractive, well maintained grounds, which contain a landscaped area with a pond (safely fenced), an environmental area with a planted quiet area and large playing fields. The playground has been developed to include a number of areas to encourage different play activities; a wooden activity centre, games painted on the playground, a large playing field and a specified area for wheely toys to be used. 

The teaching staff comprises the Headteacher with six full-time teachers, a part time SENCO and a part-time teacher who covers PPA times for teachers.  They are supported by teaching assistants who are either class based or work as part of our inclusion team supporting specific groups of children.
In addition to the teaching staff there are three administrative staff and a caretaker.
Our dedicated staff work together with the parents and are supported by a conscientious Governing body. There is also a very active “Friends of Sandringham” association, which organises social and fund raising events for the benefit of the school. We are proud to be a small but very active school because of the great support that we get from staff, Governors and parents.


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The staff and Governors at Sandringham are always keen to improve the school by making developments identified in the School Development Plan. Some recent achievements have been:

2011 FMSIS awarded
Soft Play area completed
Outside areas for Keystage One classrooms completed
2012 New area developed for outside learning
Recognition of Commitment for Rights Respecting Award
Enhanced Healthy Schools Award
2013 Achieved Rights Respecting Level 1Award
Little Badgers Nursery opened

Nursery and Reception combine to provide an Early Years outside area for our youngest
children working together

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Catering Arrangements


Children are encouraged to bring a bottle of water each day to keep themselves hydrated. There are also water fountains available in each cloakroom for the children to use.


Milk is available for your child at the start of the day. This is free for children under five years of age. Payment for all other children must be made at the beginning of each term through the "cool milk" website [Click here]. Children are also provided with a free piece of fruit to eat during morning break.

Lunch Break

The school is keen to promote healthy eating and all school dinners are cooked according to County guidelines for healthy meals. The terms menu is located on the publications page. They are cooked on the premises and are provided free of charge for all infant aged children. Children may choose on a daily basis whether to have school dinner and will be able to make their choice of two selections of main meal or a sandwich meal in the morning. Special dietary requirements can usually be accommodated - please come and talk to the office.

Packed Lunches

As an alternative to school dinners, your child may bring a packed lunch. Once again we encourage our children to have a healthy lunch. These should be provided in a packed lunch box with a drink. No peanuts (or peanut related products), sweets or fizzy drinks are permitted in packed lunches.

The children are supervised by dinner supervisors during lunch break. This includes help while the children are eating their lunch and then supervision on the playground whilst the children are playing.

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School Times

The school day is from 8:50am to 3:10pm. There is a 15 minute morning break at 10:30am and lunch time is from 12:15pm to 1:15pm. Reception children have a slightly earlier lunch break from 11:45am to 1pm.  Children are taken to their classroom by parents in the morning and are collected from the classroom door by parents each day.

Our aim is to encourage a positive attitude towards attending school, by both parents and children. We have therefore established procedures whereby parents and the school understand, appreciate and support the need for regular attendance.

If a child is ill, then parents are requested to telephone the school before 10am explaining the nature of the illness and if possible the expected date of return. On return, parents are asked to send in a note confirming the illness and period of absence. If the school has not been informed by 10am the school will contact the parents. If parents know in advance that their child needs to be absent for a good reason e.g. medical treatment,  religious observance, then parents are asked to fill in the relevant form “Request for Absence”; giving times, dates etc. and the headteacher will consider the request and authorise it by returning a note of authorisation.

You may download these forms here. HOLIDAY ABSENCE FORM | MEDICAL ABSENCE FORM

The teacher takes a register of the class at the start of the morning and afternoon sessions. If a child is absent an accurate reason for absence is recorded in the register. The teacher is responsible for keeping this up to date. The office is responsible for keeping completing the records on to the computer. The education welfare officer makes a regular check of these registers and will follow up any concerns. All unauthorised absences are recorded on the Government’s annual report and each parent is informed in the child’s annual report.


We actively discourage lateness. The register is taken at 8:55am and a parent must inform the office of late arrivals after 9am. If a child is persistently late the Headteacher will discuss this problem with the parents and inform the Educational Welfare Officer. The Register closes at 9.15 a.m. and an U is put into the register if the child arrives after this time. At the end of the school year this will appear as an unauthorised absence.

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The school community works together to ensure a happy environment. As part of the sense of belonging our children are expected to wear the school uniform outlined below.

Boys Girls
Grey long or short trousers Grey skirts or tunics in winter
Bottle green sweatshirts* Grey trousers (in very cold weather)
White polo shirts* Bottle green sweatshirts* or cardigans*
Grey socks White polo shirts*
Black shoes or sandals White/green/grey socks or tights
Bottle green baseball cap* Green & white striped dresses in summer
Bottle green woollen hat* Black shoes or black/white sandals
Fleece* Bottle green baseball cap*
School bag* Bottle green woollen hat*
  School bag*


Boys and Girls PE kits
White T-shirt with school logo*
Bottle green shorts*
Green Joggers*
Plimsolls or trainers
PE bags*

* These items can be purchased from Brendas Uniform Shop in Frimley Road.

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